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About Canon wing

When I first started out I didn’t know anything about branding. I knew about poetry. I was obsessed with telling the world’s greatest shortest story. I had no idea that’s what big branding is! Over the last 22 years of creating names, taglines, and messaging for brands like Capital One, Hershey’s, Puma, Kraft, Bayer, Honda, Samsung and hundreds more, I learned what all the Fortune 100s don’t want entrepreneurs to know becuase anyone can do this. The products, and services I’ve named have earned over 3 Billion in sales. I even got interviewed by Marie Claire Magazine, who declared “you are probably wearing, eating, or driving something Canon has named today.” It’s true I meet people all of time time who are obsessed with the products I’ve branded. Getting people obsessed with your brand is your business plan, and I can walk you through all of that, but there’s ONE thing I figured out that made me the secret weapon of the Fortune 100 and it’s how to ace The Blink Test. So I created the Answer Key for you as a gift because I believe it has always been the entrepreneur who has changed the world. Go ahead, be the world changer you were always meant to be.

About The Author

The products, and services Canon Wing has named have earned over three billion in sales. For over 22 years she has named for influential brands like Capital One, Hershey’s, Puma, Honda and hundreds more. As featured in Marie Claire Magazine, you are probably wearing, eating, or driving something she has named today. As a recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts grant, has also mentored kids in critical need for national services AmeriCorps Program.

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